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Providing Premium Dog Boarding Services

Give your dog a vacation of fun and excitement with our dog boarding services in Indian Trail, NC. Pack Pet Resort provides your favorite furry friend days full of mental and social stimulation while you’re away. Instead of staying home lonely and bored, we’ll take care of them with a packed day of activities. They’ll spend their time with us playing, socializing, eating, and resting. It’s a dog’s dream life! You’re welcome to bring your pet’s bedding and food from home to make their stay more enjoyable.

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Dog Boarding Requirements

We’re excited to welcome your dog to our pet resort. The requirements for their health and safety include:

  • Unaltered dogs are allowed in playgroups for an additional fee, with the exception of dogs in heat or those displaying behavioral issues. An additional fee of $10 per day/night.
  • Each animal must pass the supervised evaluation period, also known as a “meet and greet”.
  • Dogs must be up to date on Rabies, Parvo/Distemper, Lepto, and Bordetella vaccines.
  • Dogs with any parasites, illnesses, or contagious diseases are not allowed.
  • Dogs that are unable to pass the dog introduction portion of the meet and greet can stay as “Solos” for an additional fee, but any dogs displaying aggression toward people will not be accepted.

Boarding Rates

10% Discount for Additional Dogs

Our boarding rates include days full of fun at daycare. Our rates are:

Boarding Standard Suites

$55 per night

Boarding Deluxe Suites

$65 per night

Cat Boarding

$30 per night

Puppy Boarding is for any dog under 1 year old and is an additional $10 per day for Daycare and $10 per night for Boarding.

Solo Boarding is for any dogs that cannot go into our regular playgroups and is $100 per night.

Boarding Add-Ons


20-minute private session with a staff member and special toys, food puzzles, games, and more.

Story Time

Have a storybook read to your pet in their suite.

Ice Cream

Order a lactose-free ice cream yogurt treat for your pup.


A delicious handmade, low-fat, hypoallergenic treat.

Cookie Bites

A handmade, bite sized cookies perfect for a quick treat

Frozen Kong

Give your dog frozen peanut butter in a Kong that will give them lasting fun.

Expect Days Full of Fun for Your Pup

We understand it’s hard to put your furry child in the hands of someone else. We promise to treat your pup like our own. They’ll enjoy days in doggie daycare playing with other dogs in a supervised outdoor play area. They can also explore our entertaining indoor play equipment in the doggie gym. Your dog will always be comfortable, supervised, and safe. We offer enrichment activities as an addition so your pup can enjoy a small session of treadmill time, food puzzles, flirt pole games, and more. Contact us for more information!

Now Accepting Reservations Online