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Your Locally Owned, Family Business for Pets

Pack Pet Resort is Indian Trail, NC’s choice for a unique pet resort. We are a locally owned, family business that caters to your dog or cat. We provide a grooming salon, innovative indoor and outdoor play areas, training classes, suites, and more. Our cat boarding, dog boarding, pet daycare, and grooming services are led by pet lovers that treat your pet as their own. We always lead with positive reinforcement and encouragement to boost your pet’s confidence. Our employees are continuously trained on dog handling and behavior, breed characteristics, common illnesses, and diseases. We also encourage our staff to achieve certifications in CPR, First Aid, Group Management, and more!

happy dog outside

Helping Your Pets Feel Safe

We want your pets to feel as safe and comfortable as possible at our facility. All dogs at our boarding and daycare services undergo a Meet and Greet to determine whether our facility is in their best interest. Whether your pet stays in a suite or plays with their furry friend in the play area, we remove their collar or harness to keep them safe. We have three separate kennel rooms with low ceilings to help reduce sounds that sometimes give pets anxiety. Your pet will enjoy positive smells thanks to our state-of-the-art vacuum systems that clean and remove dirt, hair, and smells. We always clean with pet-friendly products to keep your pet’s space healthy.

Prioritizing Your Dog’s Health & Safety

We know it’s hard to leave your furry friend during the day, so we provide a safe and healthy environment to put your mind at ease. We put their safety and health first in many ways, including:

Vaccination Requirements

Dogs must be up to date on Rabies, Parvo/Distemper, Lepto, and Bordetella vaccines.

Meet and Greet

Your pup must have a supervised evaluation with staff before joining us.

Meals Upon Request

Food for your dog will need to be provided or is available for an additional charge.

Special Health Needs

Depending on the special needs of your pup. If your pup needs medication or has special needs, we will provide treatment during the day. An excess of medication results in an additional fee.

Neuter Policy

Unaltered dogs are allowed in playgroups for an additional fee, with the exception of dogs in heat or those displaying behavioral issues. An additional fee of $10 per day/night.

Perfect Pet Accommodations

Our pet suites are comfortable and help make your pet feel at home. Each kennel room has its own thermostat and dehumidifier to continuously monitor and perfect the conditions for our guests. The pet suite walls are made of antimicrobial Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic with tempered glass doors with aluminum edge protection for stability with an open view. Your dog drifts off to sleep with a personal cot bed, cotton bed, and blanket next to their personal food and water bowl. Cats stay in their own area with individual litter boxes, hammocks, and blankets. Cats enjoy large windows with a view of the play area and woods.

Providing Playtime & Socialization

Pack Pet Resort knows your pet loves playtime, so we offer nine Playgroup Options. After your pet’s Meet and Greet, we sort our friends into a playground based on their energy level, size, and play style. We strictly follow the guidelines of ten dogs for every one staff member when the dog’s weight exceeds 20 pounds. We have multiple play yards fully lined with quality Astroturf with play equipment, automatically filling water bowls and boulders. If the weather is a problem, we bring our furry friends inside our large indoor playroom. We have tall perimeter fences and multiple inner airlocks to provide safety for our guests.

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